There’s a question I’m often asked when it comes to baptism and kids. “How old is old enough?”

That’s a question that theologians, parents, and pastors have struggled with for centuries.

Here is Hope’s answer.

Your kid is ready when your kid believes in Jesus as their savior and understands the decision they’ve made.

That’s big, and you may feel like you have the answer. Fortunately for you, Hope Kids is hosting a class called Starting Point. This 60 minute class will give you and your kid the knowledge they need to know what salvation and baptism is and give you the tools to continue the conversation at home.

If you or your kid has been asking about them getting baptized this is the best time to do it, and Starting Point is where it begins.

Quotes from Parents

Thank you for putting that on tonight.  I will be signing my daughter up for baptism tomorrow.  She was really moved when you were speaking about Jesus’s crucifixion’s and started crying that’s why her head was down it was really touching to see her understand the depth of His love for us.  She has already accepted Jesus into her life awhile back through prayer but we were holding off on baptism because I really wanted it to be her choice and for her to fully understand what she will be doing and now is the perfect time!  

– Aimee

We wanted to thank you for teaching the starting point class with my daughter.  She really enjoyed it and we had a nice conversation afterwards.  She has approached my Husband and I multiple times over the last year asking about baptism and Jesus.  She said she wanted to be baptized so she can be close to Jesus and have a relationship with him.  So exciting! 

– Angie

Our next Starting Point class will be Tuesday, April 19 at 6:30pm on Zoom.

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