SEU Extension site || Sarasota, Florida

Here at the Sarasota College of Ministry (SCM) there is something for everyone. Whether you are wanting to pursue your degree, credentials, grow in your leadership or even just wanting to learn the ins and outs of ministry – we’ve got it all. We also serve as a Southeastern University extension site. Our purpose is to train, equip and help young leaders to find purpose, pursue God, and step into their divine calling.

The Sarasota College of Ministry is designed to train and equip young Christian leaders through grounded Biblical teaching, seasoned mentorship, and hands-on ministry. During your time in the SCM classroom, you will acquire tools to help you properly interpret and understand God’s Word as well as learn core topics such as How To Read and Study the Bible, Christian Ethics, Doctrines of the church, Learning to Witness, The Life of Christ, and more. Additionally, there are elective classes where you may learn or increase your knowledge of how to craft a sermon, share your testimony, defend your faith, lead and motivate groups of people, responsibly manage your money , and learn about your personality, to name a few. You will also learn the ins and outs of children’s, youth, and young adult ministries.

Outside the classroom, you will cultivate a spirit of servanthood, for He is a servant (Mark 10:45), as you are plugged into various ministries within the Church of Hope, which could include, working with inner city kids, serving food to those in need, and ministering to victims of sex trafficking. We need young Christian leaders, who are trained and equipped, to face the challenges of the 21st century and advance Christ’s Kingdom in a world desperate for Jesus. If you are a young adult, we encourage you to prayerfully consider answering this call with us. Your life and many others will be changed for eternity!


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"In my two years at SCM I was put in an environment to focus on God and grow spiritually. The leadership and teachers were always willing to go above and beyond to answer questions I had and to pour into my life. After I went through the college I felt well prepared for ministry."

Garrett G.

"God has radically changed my life through SCM. I've learned how to be a servant leader, how to persevere through temptation and downfalls, and got to experience God's faithfulness in new ways. I grew more in my faith than I ever had while being in SCM. I learned what it means to worship, pray, understand leadership, and put myself second. SCM changed my life forever. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to know Christ more. I give glory to God that he brought me here."

Christa R.

"I started off SCM with a decent knowledge of the Bible but knew I wanted to go deeper with Jesus. Here I learned that growing is hard and uncomfortable sometimes, but I am glad I came because I saw myself grow like never before. God brought me to and through challenges in SCM and I couldn't be more glad I trusted him to come to this place."

Anthony P.

"God called me to come to this college and it was a step of faith for me. I am so glad I did. I received training and knowledge that I am now using as the kid's pastor at one of our churches locations. All the work I put into this college was worth it. The staff helped me grow so much and helped me get to where I am today. I'm thankful I came!"

Lily P.