Dear Friends,

We miss you! I want to thank you for being the awesome Family of Hope that you are. Thank you for connecting with the online ministries that we have been supplying. Thank you for your prayers (we need them). Thank you for your continued financial generosity. Thank you for continuing to minister and serve. A special blessing on those who serve week by week in our Hope Center, giving food out to needy families. You, friends, are amazing frontline heroes!

We are working to both walk by faith and be good neighbors to our community. On this page you will find a Three Phase plan, as we come back to our church location. We are doing our best to work with the established community standards and observe social safety.

As we come back into the building, in Phase 2 and Phase 3 we will be conducting additional cleaning and sanitizing practices, both before and during our services. Also, we will continue to practice social safety protocols.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Scott